Somewhere, deep in the valley, just northwest of Los Angeles, lives a family. Together they grow tomatoes, grapes, and very large lemons. They have visitors from time to time like raccoons, snakes, coyotes, and possums. They also have a little husband and wife band called Ruby Free. The players are Rick Hromadka and Lisa Cavaliere, Joe Giddings (Star Collector), Jim Laspesa (Dave Davies, Susanah Hoffs), and Rick Gallego (Cloud Eleven). Rick Hromadka hails from veteran LA power pop bands Double Naught Spies and Maple Mars. Lisa is an ex-choir girl, whose unique vocal stylings bring to mind Suzanna Hoffs. Their debut album "Introducing Ruby Free" is a delicious blend of Paul and Linda McCartney melodies and sunny "Laurel Cyn" harmonies, producing a familiar yet new distinctive sound. The upbeat theme of the album captures a band not taking itself too seriously, and living in the moment.

Rick Hromadka is a three time Emmy Award winning sound designer / mixer. and currently is the "in-house" sound mixer at Dreamworks Animation. 

Rick Hromadka's last album "Galaxyland" (Maple Mars) drew quotes like, "Album of the year" - Bill Kopp (Musosribe), "A psychedelic masterpiece" - MikeLidskin (Twirl Radio), "Somewhere between Brian Wilson's Smile and Big Star" - Robert Kinsler (Orange County Times). Critics are already anticipating
the July 31st release of "Introducing Ruby Free", and the warm fuzzy sound will have everyone singing along soon!


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