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Rick Hromadka 

 Better Days 

Out Now on Vinyl, CD, and Digital!

Well, it's finally here! The new solo album from Rick Hromadka! Featuring a plethora of talented friends! What started out as a tiny experiment turned into a full-fledged collage of styles and sounds! The album will be released digitally and on vinyl, and now on CD too!

Buy the album here! 

"#1 of the top 100 albums from 2020" - Absolute Power Pop

#3 Best of 2020! Pop Garden Radio

#5 Best of 2020! Power Popaholic

#20 Best of 2020! Power Pop News

#39 Best of 2020! Power Pop Station 

"Rick Hromadka and a batch of musical pals have created an album that is one of the best power pop releases in memory, a surging and artful effort that is bolstered by excellent song craft, experimental flourishes aplenty and nuanced musicianship." - Robert Kinsler (Rock 'n Roll Truth)

"Better Days makes my top ten for 2020 list!" -Powerpopholic


"Rick Hromadka’s top-flight collection of wonderfully-realized pop ‘n’ roll songs, Better Days!" - Alan Haber (Pure Pop Radio)



A powerhouse of an album!" - Pseu Braun (WFMU)

Better Days is one of the best albums of Rick's career. It’s up there with the magnificent 2010 Maple Mars album, “Galaxyland”. Yes, that good. - Mike Lidskin (Woody Radio)





Premier Video from Better Days!


With appearances by:

ERIC SKODIS (Imperial Drag), DERRICK ANDERSON (Bangles, Smithereens), JEFF SULLIVAN (Drivin' & Cryin'), RONNIE BARNETT (The Muffs), DAN ROTHCHILD (Beck, Heart, Echo In The Canyon), CHRIS PRICE (Emitt Rhodes, Bebopalula) ROB BONFIGLIO (Brian Wilson, Wilson Phillips) PROBYN GREGORY (Brian Wilson, Wondermints), WALLY FARKAS (Galactic Cowboys, Kings X), DEAN FALCONE (Aimee Mann, Jon Brion), MIKE RANDLE (Arthur Lee, Baby Lemonade), AARON EISENBERG (The Soft White Sixties), FERNANDO PERDOMO (Echo In The Canyon), JASON BERK, TERESA COWLES, JOEL VALDER Marizane), ROBBIE RIST (Cousin Oliver), JOE GIDDINGS, DEBBIE SHAIR (Heart, Marizane), BILL TUTTON (Geraldine Fibbers), KIM TELEZ COUGHLIN, SCOTT ROBBINS, KAREN BASSET (Pandoras, Rebel Pebbles) KERRY CHICOINE, ANNY CELSI, MIKE SIMMONS (Sparkle Jets U.K.), MIKE HROMADKA (Illface), LAYLA & LUKE HROMADKA!

Rick Hromadka - Better Days Cover-02.jpg

Better Days already getting played on many stations, and gaining more each day! Including: 

Little Steven's Underground Garage - Rodney Binghenheimer
KEAO / KMNO / KONI - The Time Machine
Pure Pop Radio - Alan Haber
Woody Radio - There Once Was A Note - Mike DeAngelis
Twirl Radio - Mike Lidskin
Pop Garden Radio - Adam Waltemier
KSCU - The Power Pop Show
It's A Jangle Out There
John Talk Radio
Target Radio UK
CHIRP Radio 107.1FM - Mike Bennett
ConRadio (Ireland) - Conrad Callan
WOWD - Forbidden Alliance - Robbie White
WGOT - Gards Allard
Music At The Majestic - Mike Boswell
KUCR - Garagerocktopia
Cobwebs and Strange Radio Show
KWVA - Snap, Crackle, Pop!
WFMU - Pseu's Thing With A Hook
Radio NewYork International 
Plastico Elastico - Pacopepe Gil
SPARK! WSPJ-LP 93.7 FM (Syracuse) & 103.3 FM - Dana & Carl
The Face Radio - Lost and Found
The Music Authority - Jim Prell
Quasar Radio - Kathy Barham
Cobwebs And Strange Radio Show
The Indie Lounge - Beth Dobson
Neighborhood Weekly Radio - Chipper Saam
WPKN - Alec Cumming
Deep Nuggets Radio - Keith Matherne

New single Searchlight released on Big Stir Records!

The song is called SEARCHLIGHT and features Scott Robbins on guitar, Michael Simmons on bass, and Joel Valder on drums. These guys all rocked this song like nobody’s business!! 👊 The B side is from my 2014 Trippin’ Dinosaurs solo album called DREAMS OF A HIPPY SUMMER.

Digital downloads are a mere 99 cents and all proceeds go to the Sweet Relief charity. Thank you so much Rex Broome and the kind folks at Big Stir for your warm hospitality! ❤️



Pronounced  "ro-mod-ka"

Rick Hromadka is a singer-songwriter, composer who has been playing music in Los Angeles since the early 90's. Landing in LA from New Haven, CT, Rick found a day job at Saban Entertainment penning songs for TV teen shows like Breaker High, Sweet Valley High, and the Power Rangers; even landing a song in the PR film Turbo. Since that time Rick has formed the bands Double Naught Spies, Maple Mars, and Ruby Free, releasing nine albums to date on a variety of indie labels in the US and Japan, and appearing on compliations in Sweden, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the US. 2010's Galaxyland (Maple Mars) was voted "Album Of The Year" by Musoscribe Mag and Shindig in the UK. Rick's songs have received extensive college radio airplay, and have been featured in many film / TV shows including True Blood, ER, Third Watch, Felicity, and Friday Night Lights. 


Rick played all instruments on his 2014 solo record Trippin' Dinosaurs, receiving reviews in Goldmine Magazine, "Rick Hromadka is a pop dude who knows his way around a hook" and Twirl Radio, "A psychedelic masterpiece!" 


Rick Hromadka is also a composer with many reality show credits and is a three time Emmy Award winning sound designer and re-recording mixer. He is currently the "in-house" sound designer/mixer at Dreamworks Animation.

Be sure to check out Rick's previous solo album! 

Trippin' Dinosaurs

It's All In Your Head

Dreams Of A Hippy Summer

It's Not Your Dream

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